Antalgic-Trak: The First Major Improvement to Power Traction in 50 Years

"If you have the desire to include superior spinal decompression therapy in your clinic or hospital, then don't settle for an outdated, one dimensional, "Flat Table" machine. Let your patients experience the advanced clinical benefits of multi-axis postural-positioning traction. Only the Antalgic-Trak allows you to move the spine through a variety of postural ranges during the decompression."

For those seeking a combination of excellent clinical outcomes along with a unique marketing impact, Robotic Antalgic-Trak Technology is the answer. We are the power traction system of the future and the only power decompresssion in the world that has a dual (cervical and lumbar), 10-way spine positioning system. Think of the possibilities!

Antalgic-Trak is the first major evolutionary improvement to non-surgical power traction in 50-years. We've combined our computerized lumbar and cervical power traction technology with our patented articulating multi-axis positioning system. Together, the Antalgic-Trak equipment system can provide a soothing and gentle vertebral, disc and facet traction.

Our unique system includes our patented spinal power traction system... plus our multi-postural and positioning features that include:

    • Lateral flexion
    • A/P flexion-extension
    • A/P translation
    • Vertical elongation
      AT Head Rotation

      Why Get Antalgic-Trak for Your Office? Watch Our Video!